Umrah Services

Umrah, the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, is one of the most desirable acts of worship for any Muslim. Umrah not only fulfills a deep spiritual need, but also helps us gain insight into the teachings of Islam by visiting revered Islamic sites where various significant events unraveled before and during the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallalah-u-Alaihay-Wa'Alehi- WaSullam). Every year, Muslims all over the world make intentions of visiting these holy sites and performing Umrah according to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet, may peace be upon him. However, many are sidetracked by the demanding lifestyles they have chosen for themselves or other imminent needs in their life. Others feel they do not have the necessary training or guidance they need in order to perform all the Umrah rudiments properly. Familiarizing yourself with the Umrah requirements - Declarations, Visa, accommodation, transportation etc. - for the journey is another daunting task hindering one from taking the next step in the Umrah journey. Al-Mamoor recognized the need of the hour and came up with simple solutions to these issues making the Umrah tour a fulfilling and comfortable undertaking.

  • Our Umrah guides are Islamic Scholars and help inform and train you in every aspect of the Umrah journey
  • Scholars provide you with detailed Umrah training classes before the start of the Umrah journey
  • Courteous staff helps you in meeting all the Umrah requirements that need to be fulfilled
  • Al-Mamoor plans the entire Umrah journey leaving you to concentrate on the Umrah essentials
  • All the Umrah essentials are carried out under the supervision of our scholars
  • Various holy sites are visited and their historical significance is highlighted
  • Premium accommodations close to the mosques and sites are booked for your Umrah
  • Comfortable Umrah travel itinerary is created
  • Sumptuous meals are offered during your Umrah stay
  • Local transportation during the Umrah stay is Comfy, simple and stress-free