Hajj Service!

Hajj (sometimes spelled as Haj), is deemed as the biggest event in the world that occurs on annual basis. It is one of the five basic pillars of Islam. Any able-bodied and affording Muslim should complete Hajj at least once in their lifetime. Along with Umrah, the (Hajj) pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, is one of the most anticipated events in any Muslim's life. The Hajj takes place between the 8th and the 12th in the last month of the Islamic Calendar, Dhu'al-hijja. Although the Hajj is derived from life of the Last Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (Sallahu Allauhai Wa'aalihee Wasalam), the various acts undertaken during Hajj, date back to the time of Prophet Ibrahim and Ishmael (Alaihe mus salam). The spiritual significance of Hajj is such that it allows Muslims to follow the footsteps of great Prophets (Alaihe mu salam) and imitate their ways to purify themselves and instill a sense of what they must have felt during crucial times in their life. Thus, Hajj inculcates a deep sense of sacrifice and servitude to the Lord of the Worlds, Allah Subhanahu Wa'ta'Aala. As with the Umrah groups, Al-Mamoor guides are extra diligent in helping Hajj groups realize their lifelong dream of performing Hajj. We are aware of the immense importance Hajj has for them and we make sure that the journey is as smooth as possible. This helps group members focus on the Hajj customs rather than getting entangled in hassles and unnecessary burdens.

  • Our Hajj guides are learned Islamic Scholars and help inform and train you in every aspect of the Hajj journey
  • Scholars provide you with detailed Hajj training classes before the start of the Hajj journey
  • Our Knowledgeable personnel assist you in meeting all the basic Hajj requirements making the unnecessary hassles irrelevant
  • As with the Umrah groups, Assafar plans the entire Hajj journey for maximum comfort and effectiveness
  • All the Hajj rituals are completed under the knowledgeable guidance of our learned scholars
  • Various holy sites are visited and their historical significance is highlighted
  • Premium accommodations close to the mosques and sites are booked for your Umrah
  • Comfortable Umrah travel itinerary is created
  • Sumptuous meals are offered during your Umrah stay
  • Local transportation during the Umrah stay is Comfy, simple and stress-free
We are very excited to have the opportunity to accompany you on the spiritual journey of a lifetime. Call us today for booking, consultation and information.